Murr’s Idiosyncrasies: Bullshitting Is My Business

Murr seems to makes up for the unnatural amount of hair he has (as a human, not a ferret) by having a natural adeptness for bullshitting. No surprise that the mouth still retains its status as the weapon of choice, with bullshitting taking up the ancillary role of vomiting words when putting things in it proves unsuitable.

If this fails too (or when demanded by the context), his final weapon for challenge destruction is usually left to the services of his hit-or-miss distraction attempts. All this makes one wonder, how such “salesmanship” skills have escaped the Murr’s game.

Notable Episodes:
Impractical Jokers Season 4 Episode 4 Wrong Playwright
Murr using a very short straw and his gift of the gab pretends to be a waiter to steal a sip from a lady’s drink. The execution of this would’ve however been near flawless were it not for the discerning lady friend whose peripheral vision was busy scanning for roofie drops.

Impractical Jokers Season 5 Episode 3 Ruffled Feathers
Murr brings his A game as he tries to get a focus group of three buy into the idea of his crazy invention: the crotch watch. Having used innuendo to great effect to describe the crotch watch’s many applications, it would seem the group was sold.

Well, that’s until one guy made the unfortunate decision to suggest using an elbow pad or headband instead, to which Murr unequivocally responded with a “No man, it’s the crotch watch.” 

At the end of it all, two of the three agreed they would purchase the device, that is, including the guy that got shot down. Now that’s salesmanship.

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