Joe’s Idiosyncrasies: The Wall Sneeze Journal

Of Joe’s lesser known talents is his ability to randomly unleash a quick bacterial artillery attack on many a great office walls using one of a kind lip bound cannon that is fired from his mighty respiratory chambers.

Notable Episodes:
Impractical Jokers Season 5 Episode 01 HellCopter
After being confronted with age predictions too bitter for his confectionery lifestyle, Joe lets out his frustration on a office wall by sneezing out what we may assume he thought were either fat droplets or an exercise regimen aiming at an unlikely feat of exhaled liposuction.

Talk about a grown man hitting the wall!

Impractical Jokers Season 6 Episode 01 Swim Shady
Just before pulling off the Great Garbage Can Sandwich Rescue (GGCSR), Joe had just come from unloading a torrent of respiratory fire interspersed with projectiles of his dismembered rescue targets on some poor office wall.

Impractical Jokers Season 6 Episode 19 Flatfoot the Pirate
In a waiting rooms during a don’t laugh challenge, Joe resorts to his perfect weapon to get rid of Murr: he eats an apple with water then lets out the single most animated sneeze in the history of the show.

So powerful is this sneeze, it has two men in the waiting room pull off an uncanny choreographed laugh in its wake.

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