This is fansite blog about the TruTV show Impractical Jokers. I ended loving the show so much that I’m compelled to binge on it on quite regularly. It is this practical habit that inescapably furnished me with some interesting observations over the years, and that was ultimately responsible for stirring this impractical venture.

I forestalled this idea for about year since it requires a considerable investment, but nonetheless I’ve every intention of seeing it through whenever I have some free time. As such this is a work in progress, and I may post content in bulk rather than on a typical blog.

My main goal with the site is to help you find an episode as it’s from my experience that I’ll get the “craving” to watch a particular scene which I can hardly recall in which episode let alone season it’s found in.

I decided to do this in a list format where I delve into a particular trait, be it that of a joker or a challenge that’s observable across different seasons. I then tie-in the episodes together on this basis by picking apart scenes that stood out.

Hopefully you’ll find something interesting to stick around or share with other fans of the show. Meanwhile a more pretentious “About” that chronicles how exactly this venture came about can be read here.